Abenteuer der Lust


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Published on Dec 1, 2015

Orgy scene - begins with a blonde with page-boy cut dancing with Richard Allan in front of the other customers in the bar. They begin to have sex - she kneels down and gives him a blowjob. Then they go into another room. Then the other customers begin to go at it - a slightly older blonde with shorter waved hair, an Asian (Indian or Pakistani-looking) woman and Alban Ceray with Cyril Val joining in. Ingrid d’Eve (I think) on a couch with a man with a trimmed beard - she buggers him with a bottle, puts his underpants in her mouth and then goes down on him. Then Cyril Val joins them to take her from behind. It becomes a free for all with Sylvia Bourdon sitting and watching. Then Martine Grimaud enters the room with her man. They begin to make love separately then join in. He is (or becomes - not sure it’s him at first) Charlie Schreiner. Then Sylvia joins in.