Ai Nikaido - Victim of Train Perverts


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Published on Jul 23, 2016

What seems to be just another day in her life, may not be so.
She was in the train, minding her own business. She'd take no care about others, and wished to be left alone.

However, a guy took interest in her, and he made advances to her. At first, it was pretty subtle. But sensing that Ai was too embarrassed to yell for help, the guy grew more brazen. He started fondling her, rubbing her inappropriately.

He fondled her, and unzip his pants, and shoved his dick inside her; riding her doggystyle. he then turned her to face him, and threaten her not to do 'anything stupid'. Afraid, Ai remain silent and let the guy fucked her juicy pussy. She got back home feeling dirty.

But.... she hasn't given up on public transportation just yet.

And the same shit happened to her... again!