August Taylor, Tommy Gunn - To Protect And Service


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Published on Aug 3, 2016

Tommy Gunn is new to the area, and he's just moved into his new house and set up his massage business, when the alarm goes off. In a fit of panic he didn't hear the phone ring, when the security company called, and can't remember the code to turn it off. Soon, police officer August Taylor arrives on the scene and helps Tommy relax and disarm the system. August explains that she needs to charge him for the visit, because it wasn't an emergency. Tommy is on a budget here, and begs August to trade a massage for her silence. he promises not to tell anyone. Tommy nervously shows August the routine, and when she returns from the restroom, he gets to work on her tense spots, at the bottom of her back, and nervously progresses the conversation. Before too long Tommy senses his client's need for validation...