Batman Vs SuperMan


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Published on Jul 19, 2016

We begin the movie with Superman in exile in space, following the events of a previous Axel Braun Superman movie in which a Bizarro duplicate created by Lex Luthor has made Superman a wanted criminal. So out in space, Maxima tries to persuade the Man of Steel to stay with her. Her pitch? They need to repopulate the universe with Kryptonians.

Intrigued, or so he says, Superman starts having sex with her. Then, while she’s sucking him off, he blows his load in her face and tells her that while her offer piqued his interest, he had no desire to repopulate their race. Or to be a father.

After Batman’s done trying to learn Harley Quinn’s secret plan by having sex with her (she marvels at how the Bat-cape doubles as a sex rug), he finds himself light-headed and losing consciousness…as she reveals that Poison Ivy taught her a thing or two...