Black Sausage for the very first time!!!


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Published on Mar 31, 2016

After the pajama girl's party.....I having so much fun with my girlfriend....we always making phone calls to the most popular guy in the school! In the most exiting moment my mom just call and remind me to let in the guy to fix our sink!!! Ohh.....she just destroyed all the fun now......well....we told at the moment! And then.....the best think happened! The repairman comes....oh my gosh!!! He is black!!! Me and my girlfriend never saw black guy before! ....Just let him work!!! Now is going to be a real fun for us! We were reading in the girl's magazine that the black guy have a huge....huge cock! Here is the time to find out the truth! We fight a bit who will be first to touch feel the monster! For the first time!!! He get really mad after the second time and wanted to leave!!! But as the daddy's rich bitches as we are.....he can leave just like that! We blackmail him and he has no other choice then to play with us! Actually......