Brooke Benson in Sisters and Brothers


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Published on Aug 21, 2016

Brother and sister are arguing in her bedroom. He is accusing her of putting him down in front of his friends. She tells him he's a loser and a pervert, his friends are losers, etc., etc., and to never touch her again, he calls a bitch etc, etc.. He slaps her knocking her on her bed. He gets on top of her rips her shirt open and shorts down. During this entire time he holds his hands around her neck holding her down. She is red-faced and has a terrified look on her face during this, and keeps trying to pull his arms off and hitting his arms etc. After he is finished, he calls her a bitch and stomps off, she rolls over sobbing, crying, and choking. I'd like the video to really concentrate on the choking, her struggling, and the way she rolls over choking and crying afterwards.