Fairy Dogs - DevilGrrl


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Published on Dec 7, 2015

Well, this is certainly strange. The film starts with a guy masturbating, then breaks into a scene with 2 girls getting dressed up, then having sex. After that, he first finds them dressed up in his bed, then goes to sleep and has a dream sequence where he fucks first one, then the other girl while each wears dog ears.

Of course, the Japanese explain it much differently:

This stage is Honkonda! The story proceeds go to the center of the people that there is imported. God and two dogs are descended to the human world together. The God with a import of treatment capacity to treat you guys the import .... Hong Kong Girl complete bombshell cute Meidokosu! !Lesbian play, deep blowjob, is sweat 3P play and attractions full of play-packed! Please come!