Ginger Lea - Mommy III


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Published on Jul 19, 2016

My mom is always on my dick about my robots, and I've got to think that maybe she wants my dick? She's too proper to admit it, but why is she all over my nuts and not my brother's? I proved my theory to be true this morning. I caught her eyes when she passed my room, this time wearing slutty satin panties, heels, some lacy thing that hugged her tits like a dream, and the highest heels. My heart jumped when I saw her, I had just got done fucking the neighbor girl that I turned two months ago. Did she see? Oh fuck.. she knows I build robots as a hobby, she thinks they are mannequins, but if she saw the neighbor she might connect the dots and turn me in! I know she loves me, but does she love me enough to keep quiet about my living dolls?...