Karol Lilien, Naomi Nevena (Lost and Found)


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Published on Nov 16, 2015

A misplaced wallet and a considerate stranger are the elements that set Andrej Lupin’s "Lost and Found" in motion. Naomi Nevena is strolling along the beach and finds a wallet. After a brief inspection she realizes that the owner lives nearby, so she walks to the residence to return it. The wallet’s owner, Karol Lilien (making her Sexart debut here), is delighted by this act of kindness and invites Nevena inside for a glass of water. As they laugh and chat attraction begins to develop and Karol, acting on impulse, plants a kiss on Naomi’s lips. Nevena is stunned, at least for a moment, but then responds with a kiss of her own, and "Lost and Found" begins to sizzle. First Nevena eats, licks, and finger-bangs her new friend to a moaning orgasm. Then Naomi positions herself on a table and Lilien tongues, sucks, and pumps her to a powerful climax. Despite the spontaneous, random nature of their meeting