Les Belles Dames Du Temps Jadis - (1976)


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Published on May 25, 2016

Two ladies of respectable age, Soffy and Rosa write to syrupy family sagas to occupy the tranquility of their afternoon. Alas, these likely masterpieces of silliness find no publishing house to accommodate them. Following a discussion with the factor, the two retirees decide to add to it an additional element likely to attract crowds of sex. To imagine erotic scenes in their novels, and Rosa Soffy simply tap into their memories for under their respectable appearance, they had a dissolute youth and amused themselves much with the local squire, debauched earl Johan. Our grandmothers quickly found a publisher in the person of Anton Moller, who wants to meet the author of this collection of racy memories. Embarrassed, and Rosa Soffy however refuse to endorse the paternity claim it was written by their nephew, Toni shy Bram...