Les Nymphomanes 1980


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Published on Dec 4, 2015

Morgane cleaning a mirror. She’s Mattieu’s maid and helps him in all aspects of his sex - sentimental? - life. The first woman to enter the scene is a brunette (Olga Cris) just off the train from her province. The type to be in underwear after 18 seconds onscreen. Matthieu welcomes her in a very straightforward way. Into her mouth to begin with, then in her pussy - while Marinette takes care of the woman’s furs - and, after a drink, onto the woman’s belly. By now you’ve got it, Marinette is a very valuable little maid who does not balk at keeping her master’s lover busy while he’s having steak. They end up the three of them together. Ah Morgane’s mouth, a poem in itself. And that little flower on her cheek... Unfortunately Burd Tranbaree’s frigid camera doesn’t pay high enough a tribute to these beauties. And why couldn’t he use direct sound?