Miss Hino - Double Climax Massage


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Published on Jun 17, 2016

Seated on a toilet, Miss Hino has her hands tied behind her back. Buck naked, except for the white panties.
From the get-go, she has her mouth stuffed with a penis; she gagged and handled the penis horribly.
All her lunch (or dinner, I couldn't quite determine which) came out from her tummy, onto the penis and spilled on the toilet and floor.
But a quitter she is not. She tried her best (or rather, forced to, as she has nowhere to go) to suck the dick.
Well, I lied. She whines and begs to be let go, but it falls on silent ears. The guy is not having any of it, and continues to fuck her mouth.
Scene ends when the guy unload his semen onto her upper lips, making her looks like she has a moustache.