Morning Wood, Monday


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Published on May 20, 2016

I hate it when I wake up too early and am completely dehydrated! I have a hard time making myself leave the cozy confines of my bed and facing the chilly morning air. But your body needs what your body needs and eventually I always succumb to my growing thirst and it's into the kitchen for a cup of water! It's always a treat crawling back under the sheets for a few more hours of sleep. But when you start having horny dreams and wake up with morning wood it can make things a little difficult. I can usually pee with a hard on but it is usually difficult and sometimes messy. I find it's always best to release that pent up horny energy before heading to the bathroom! If there are no Kleenex nearby sometimes I have to improvise on where to blow my load. Luckily an empty cup was right there when I needed it! There's even a little surprise inside!!!