Piper Blush - Her Pleasurable Touch


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Published on Aug 27, 2016

She follows your lead while coyly taking what she wants. It’s too much to take in, you sit on the chair in front of her. Piper’s breasts are fully exposed as she strokes your hard shaft. Her nipples get hard from excitement. She fondles herself before she kisses the edges of your length. Piper pushes the precum out of your tip. She runs thick liquid between her fingers and applies all over her nipple. She loves to have you on her skin, she belongs to you.

She loves to see you ejaculate, so this time you let her use her hands to make you climax. She drools all over your untrimmed cock, saliva drops from her open lips to her chin and down between her perky breasts. It’s so smooth, she places you deep in her throat. Her hands tightly drive you to orgasm, semen leaks out of your tip. Piper squeezes just under your tip, and as she releases, a long jet of sperm hits her on the cheek, she smiles and does it again. Your cumshot is both beautiful and so satisfying. She approaches for one last taste of you, but you have to tell her to go easy, you feel so sensitive and drained.