Piper Blush - So Slippery Inside


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Published on Aug 27, 2016

Piper leans on you. You can smell the faint perfume of her hot skin. Outside, it's more than 80 degrees. Her amused eyes show you how much desire she has for you. She brushes her fingers against your thighs, and slowly sucks your cock up into her mouth. You let her have her pleasure.

She drools all over your shaft. Her saliva is making it easy for your cock to slide deep inside of her throat. There is just enough wetness for you to feel every part of her mouth. You can feel her erotic moans, they resonate on your cock making it throb with impatience. She makes you wait, but you love it! The heat from her mouth warms your length and balls as she sucks on them. She takes your hard member in her hand and thrusts it vigorously to orgasm. She places her face on your tip to get a perfect facial. As you climax, she spreads your semen on her cheek and opens her lips to swallow the last burst. She delightfully licks you clean.