Private Parts Guessing Gamev - p1


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Published on Dec 7, 2015

In most cases, Japanese game shows go well beyond anything imaginable into a realm of total preternatural oddness that leaves most slack-jawed, but wanting to see more. Now some shows stick to the script with fun pieces of trivia intermixed with clever jokes from up-and-coming fifteen-minutes-of-famers aka ’talents’, while others--especially those that focus on the more ribald side of things--do things quite differently. Commingling of close-knit neighbors in strange nudist relationships is something that’d never be seen on regular TV. Even if some type of game show focusing on the stranger sides of erotic relationships made its way to the wide public viewing audience, it’d be neutered down by funky jokes mixed with obstructing gags up the yin yang. So what would happen if some type of weird and bizarre game show came to fruition that indeed focused on the taboo topic of nudist body checks of those held dear to us? Take a seat and stay tuned.