Seito Kaichou Hikaru 01


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Published on Jun 13, 2016

Now I can't remember if this was a game first, or a manga, but I think have been aware of it for some time but got pissed off that it wasn't in english. Why you ask?

You ever wonder where all these sexy whorish ninja ladies comes from? Or magical girls, or chaste knights who would never ever willingly get fucked by and orc and love it? Well, wonder no longer, they come from this academy where girls are trained to fight monsters and shit. I mean, the monsters have it down. They know these ninja girls are going to act tough and then just fall to their knees to worship demon cock the minute one jumps out of an alley. So rather than deal with these girls one by one, the demons just straight up invade the school and fuck everyone there and turn them into demon-loving dick slaves...