Sexy Trans Girl Gets Banged And Is Lovin It!


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Published on Jun 1, 2016

When they meet in the park, beautiful trans girl Evie Elliot invites the sexy, but sore, Oxcetalene Lane back to her place for a massage. But as it turns out, Evie isn't really a massage therapist! Oxcetalene doesn't seem to mind, and the two quickly help each other out of their sweaty work out clothes and begin to rub each others' supple bodies. The heat between the two is palpable, as they kiss passionately and squeeze each others' breasts and nipples. Soon, Evie has Oxcetalene on her back, and she is massaging that sweet pussy with her fingers and tongue. Oxcetalene quickly flips her body around around, so she can simultaneously lap up Evie's gorgeous dick and balls. And when it's time to fuck, Evie stuff's Oxcetalene's hungry ass hole with a jeweled dildo while she bangs her swollen pussy doggy style...