Sommaren Med Vanja


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Published on Dec 4, 2015

Blonde Wanja mirrors to jazz music. She is naked. Borje sit and work at his office, But tired. He calls Wanja. He calls Wanja is on her bed in a transparent nightie and talking with Borja. She says her husband Anders is on course to come up a notch. It first began, we all need some times. Wanja wonder if Börjesson is on the way to her. Borje not does expect this invitation But find Themselves Quickly and responder That he Will Immediately. Wanja was just kidding. Borje want to come, But May Wait Until The Next Day, Wanja to go swimming. She masturbates the while and tells Borja. Then she begged to stop. Then she had to stop. They say hello and Wanja masturbates on.
Stockholm archipelago on a beautiful summer day. A young man with large downy whiskers and coral necklace sitting in a motor boat. A brunette Comes out of the cabin. She caresses it. Wanja is on a rock and fondling herself. The boy with a coral necklace and brunette have sex. Wanja caressing themselves on...