Supergurl In Peril - (Cory Chase)


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Published on May 27, 2016

Super Gurl has been captured and tied with kryptonite rope by Lex Luthor's dirty cop henchman. Why don't you tell me where the Justice League is hiding he asks the bound heroine. Super Gurl refuses and will fight through any kind of torture to keep him from that information. Lives are at stake. He pulls up her shirt and gropes her breasts to show her exactly what kind of torture she will have to endure.

He rubs her pussy and shoves her panties into her mouth, watching her squirm on the table. The rope makes her powerless and vulnerable to his touch. He tightens a belt around her neck and forces his cock inside her mouth. Super Gurl spits insults at him as he violates and fucks her helpless mouth...