Tight Lips 1994 - p2


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Published on Nov 30, 2015

Tony’s apartment after the gig. With Tony are DJ Alden and Micki Lynn.
TT is upset with DJ for bringing Micki because he wanted to be alone with DJ. Micki
says TT’s band is really good and she and DJ should fuck him (TT) to
show their appreciation. DJ declines saying hes no Mick Jagger. In
walks Alex Sanders who starts making eyes at DJ which pisses TT off and
delights Micki. Sanders and DJ go off into the bedroom and we see them
making out. At this point it gets kind of funny because we see DJ and
Sanders start to go at it and this naturally leads to TT and Micki going
at it in the living room. As the action heats up in the bedroom so does
the action in the living room. Very inspired performance by Micki and
TT. Anal on DJ. Scene finally ends with both girls getting facials on
their backs with the guys standing.

Categories: Anal, Classic