Vanessa Vixon - Your Father Never Could


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Published on May 27, 2016

son is sitting in the living room watching tv when his cell phone suddenly rings; he looks down at the phone and with a puzzled look, answers it. mom? he begins laughing i`m in living room why are you calling?? son continues to laugh at his mother`s response. ok, i`ll be there in a minute. he says before killing the connection. what on earth is so important she couldn`t just come get me he asks out loud as he makes his way towards his parents? bedroom. son opens the bedroom door to find his mother standing in the room very seductively wearing the hottest piece of lingerie he`s ever seen. lookwow. says son as his mother smiles and makes her way over to him. do you think i`m gorgeous?? she asks before giving him a passionate kiss. i do mother..